Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Accessories: An African Approach

Personally, I think accessories are items that complement your primary clothing. Primary in the sense that you can not do without them (try wearing a shoe and a tie without any shirt or pants to the office). Now you know what I mean.
It is no news that Africans cherish how they look, we take great pride in our appearance. The trends in fashion have also evolved greatly or should I rather say moved in cycles?
Come to think of it, accessories are what actually make you stand-out to a very great deal in any occasion (*ask someone who lost a job because he wore the wrong color of tie*). Unless you have the perfect body-line or an angel for a tailor, you can't make anyone look at you twice if you don't have top quality niche accessories.
That said, I will attempt to list out everything I consider an accessory for both ladies and men.
Ladies first:
  • The earrings and necklaces
  • The bags
  • The shoes
  • Hats, caps or Gele (hope I spelled that correctly)
  • Hand chains
  • Wrist Watches
  • Ties
  • Belts,etc.
The list is the same for guys too, except for "Geles".
If you have been following the fashion trend for a while, you will agree with me that African inspired designs are gaining more grounds. Virtually every accessory mentioned above has an African counterpart.
You don't have to dress like a rainbow in African attires to be noticed.
  • A simple ankara padded earrings and a hand bag on a black gown is a killer, trust me.
  • A multicolored ankara coated shoe on a black gown can also make you stand-out.
  • For the guys, there are these square shaped bags that are in vogue, get a remake on it and believe me, you are the bomb.
I could go on and on, bottom line is get some African accessories and be creative in mixing them. I am always here if you need any help.
More pictures... I owe all of these pictures to creative designers who have dared to be different and they are not being used for commercial purposes.

I recommend this with Oleku style. Ask your tailor for details....hahaha

Try this on a white cloth or for fun outing. Nothing formal at all

These are the sites I got the pictures for this post from:

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