Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Featured Make-up Artist: Bukky

It is impossible to talk fashion and leave out make-up. From simply applying a powder to eye shadows, lipsticks, lenses, the beauty of an African born is enhanced, all in a bid to look good. Although I am not a fan of heavy make-ups, I was thrilled after seeing her job. Saying some one is talented and skilled is an understatement. She makes looking good a good business (I am hoping she will give me a free make-over after reading this...*winks*).

A graduate of Industrial Chemistry and a very industrious/ ambitious lady, call her Bukky.

If you live at Jos or its environs, I recommend you see this lady for not just a total make over but also for the perfect make up palette. Are you doing or planning to do a photo shoot, video shoot, or a run way show, she is the perfect lady for the job.

Contact (bbm) : 21B3321D