Friday, 19 July 2013


First, I must say thanks to Bukky (yes the make-up Bukky from the previous post) for inspiring and authoring this post. "Gele" or African head wrap as our western counterparts call it is a piece of material made of Brocade or Aso oke. 
Apart from make-ups, I think the next thing that keeps African women in the house a long while after their husbands are outside waiting is the Gele. Tie and untie is the normal trend... hehehe.
Head wraps have served as head cover for African women since the early 1700s. According to Danya London Fashions For All, a group of African slave women appeared in a 1707 painting that was created by Dirk Valkenburg. It depicted them wearing head wraps that appeared on the forehead and above the ears.
In times past, it is believed that the Gele is worn by the woman to showcase her husbands wealth and prosperity.
The Gele comes in a variety of colors, combinations and designs. What I am used to as Gele is the very big noisy starched hair-tie our mothers wear. All of that has changed and in recent times ankara is also used to tie the Gele. Also the names have continued to evolve; from satellite to madam kofo, to Ile gogoro... Africans we sha like better things.
I know you are hoping to see "how to tie Gele like a pro". Sorry, I haven't tied one before. Will have to consult mum and teach you how in subsequent posts. Meanwhile, if you already know the basis of tying your hair, your imagination is your only limit.

 I am so loving this 


  1. hmmm,dat is a good....if u wanna see diff styles jst go to a trad weddin ceremony...u'll c geles of

  2. Yea. African women especially Nigerians know how to kill it when it comes to shows.