Saturday, 6 July 2013

Tie and Die

As a kid there were these native cloths we wore that immediately changed the color of the water whenever they were washed. You dare not mix it with white cloths else mum will talk your ears out. Of recent, I am intrigued by the patterns on such clothing, both simple and complex.

Tie and Die is a resistive dying pattern that goes centuries back amongst people of various cultures. In tie and die, the fabric to be manipulated is folded and stitched to create a resistive layer. the tie prevents die from reaching the entire material. The fabric is then dipped in several times, depending on the intensity of the color needed. The fabric is then rinsed after the whole process.

A tip that I haven't tested. If you buy a new cloth and you fill it is going to "wash (fade)", you need to wash or soak it in a solution of salt and cold water or vinegar. This process is called die-setting. Will try this out on my jeans though, lol.

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