Friday, 2 August 2013

Featured Make-Up Artist: Happy MakeOvers

I am not a fan of body make-overs or anything that affects the skin. I will rather stick to my clean and clear. But after seeing her jobs, I am considering becoming a model (*winks*) or at least try out a body make -over. Featuring on the blog today, we a very talented young lady with a different and unique sense of make-up, CEO Happy Make Overs. I can assure that this lady has carved a hole for make-overs in my heart. She is a must contact for excellent make-ups if you are in Benin.
And if you are as stubborn as me who spends little time on how I look, get convinced today. In her own words, why you need a make-up artist:
  • Provide you with a beautiful look that enhances your appearance
  • Get that dramatic and high fashion look 
  • You fantasy of becoming Cinderella or superman becomes real (I added this)
Contact: 08068191676
Bbm: 2397A40F

...some of her jobs