Sunday, 4 August 2013

Necklaces and Earrings

There is always this wow effect you get whenever you see a well-made earring or necklace. It won't be wrong to say that necklaces and earrings go hand-in-hand. They are simply inseparable. Piercing and adornment has always been in the original traditional setting. Quite similar to other African accessories that vary from culture to culture and more widely from designer to designer, these accessories can be in the form of beads, gold or silver materials, and recently Ankara materials. These accessories also range from very simple designs to more complex designs.

Beyond wrapping something around the neck, we obviously want to draw attention to our style, color, and quality. Unless you are advertising something else I believe the primary purpose of necklaces and earrings is to enhance the beauty of your face.
Selecting the right necklace is paramount if you want to stand-out. The right choice is influenced by your face, body type, neck shape, and neckline of clothing.
If you are wearing a short, slinky necklace, it should fall below the hollow of your neck and above the neckline so that it is visible.
For long necklaces usually 36"+, they could be worn as a single long piece, double strand or more. As a tip, never allow your necklace slip into your cleavage. If you are fuller, keep the attention on your face and the necklace above your bust.
In summary, general tips for choosing and wearing necklaces:
  • Your necklace should be visible
  • Your necklace if short shouldn't be too far from your face
  • Finally, always keep the attention on your face

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