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5 Top Things You Should Know About Your Wardrobe

5 Top Things You Should Know About Your Wardrobe
By Tolumi Abiola

There are some items that you absolutely need ready and waiting in your closet. These items make up the basis of your wardrobe; they’re the must haves, no matter what your style is — the wardrobe essentials. These items are basics for all seasons, all functions and all times. For those that find shopping stressful or are regularly confused on what to shop for, stay safe with basic wardrobe essentials.

To be considered a wardrobe essential, an article of clothing has to have several important attributes:
  • It must be versatile. This is the most important quality of an essential piece of clothing. One key factor in versatility is color. Because wardrobe essentials have to go with lots of other clothing, they tend to be monochromatic and neutral in color. They also must work with different outfits. A blazer that you can pair with a skirt, pants, or a pair of jeans is a good example.

  • It has to be of good, perhaps even exceptional, quality. A wardrobe essential makes a statement, and anyone looking should be able to tell that it’s top shelf. High quality also means that it wears well — very important for a garment that you’ll rely on again and again. You should however be careful not to mistake an expensive piece for a quality piece; it does not certainly mean it's quality if it's expensive.
  • It should be in a classic style. You don’t want your wardrobe essentials to ever really go out of fashion. It should still be appropriate and stylish after 5 years. Do not be worried about spending the extra thousands, because you wardrobe piece will not only speak class and elegance, it will also still be fashionably relevant after a long time.
  • It must be a 10, a perfect 10! These garments, like everything in your closet, should have all the qualities of a 10, and because they form the basis of your stylish wardrobe. It is okay to spend a little more for these than you would on other less essential items.
  •  A lot of wardrobe must-have items are black. Black garments offer many pluses: No one knows how often you wear them. Stains are difficult, if not impossible, to see. The color is flattering on every person and every body type. And with a black basic, you’re free to add color in other areas of your outfit and have fun with prints or great accessories.
With these 5 top tips, you are safe with shopping for your basics. Now what are the specific basics you should have? Watch this space next as I unveil to you next, 10 basic wardrobe essential that every girl needs to survive in a fashion-able world!

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About the writer:
Tolumi has been in fashion for over a decade and is the head teacher and creative director at Tolumi, The Fashion People (TFP), a leading fashion brand and one of the best fashion schools in Ibadan. She says: Fashion is life!

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