Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Ankara Jackets

Hello friends, first I must apologize for delays in my post and I should say Happy New Month.
Today I am going to be talking about Jackets. Yea you guessed right, African- Printed Jackets/ Ankara jackets.
According to Wikipedia, a jacket is a hip or waist length garment worn on the upper part of the body. In some countries (usually French countries), the word "jacket" is used interchangeably with "coat". I don't think anyone will confuse a jacket for a coat. A jacket is generally fitted and of lighter material.
All of that said, I think a neatly sewn jacket is a must have for every fashion lover. Males are not excluded in this one. From a simple jacket and belt to buttoned-up designs, a properly sewn jacket can transform your look from being just simple to lovingly complex.
If there are any pieces of clothing you should add to your ward-robe, they are definitely jackets.
The only obstacle will be getting a very good tailor or fashion designer to give you a very good job. The complexity of your jacket is determined by what you want as well as how good your tailor is. You can ask your tailor to reproduce any of the styles below.
Go for Ankara Jackets!!!


  1. Nice, very nice. I like the yellow, r ed and blue jacket, the one worn with blue jean trousers in the pics above. Very lovely.

  2. I am glad you like it. Your tailor can always work the magic. If finding a good tailor is an issue, I'll recommend my personal tailor to you.

  3. I love d yellow-blue-red jacket so so much. Pls direct me 2 ur tailor's place. I really need 2 change my look. Tnx

    1. Where are you located? If you are in Lagos, I will recommend Valisimo fashion. In Ibadan, I will recommend Tolumi of the fashion people. They are both good.
      In Port Harcourt, I will recommend my mum. She is also very skilled.