Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Clean Face By Bukky

Every lady has issues with her face at one point or the other in her life. Life style changes, hygiene, stress and other factors could make your face looking dull and unkempt.
When people come to me for skin consultation, the first thing I ask them is how do they clean their face...You can imagine the horrifying response I get.
Some wash with just water and soap, others use the body sponge on their face, hmmm!!
That is not good enough. Washing with soap and water won't clean your face thoroughly and I never advice that you use your body sponge on your face...the abrasion on the face won't help the skin and also you are transferring germs to the face from your body.

When I talk about a clean face I don't mean a squeaky clean face with all the necessary moisture and essential skin oils stripped off.

If I have makeup on my skin, I start with an alcohol free makeup removal (a good example is an alcohol free baby wipe...yup baby wipes!)
You can also use a nice moisturizing cream with cotton wool...works like magic (I use pears moisturizing cream or ponds cold cream), if u have very sensitive skin, the baby wipes will do just fine.
The next step I take is using a nice facial cleanser, your beauty soap (not toilet soaps as they are harsh and tend to give blemishes) could do if it has nice ingredients to make your face looking supple (ingredients like salicylic acid, ascorbic acid, witch hazel and so on keep acne at bay), I use clean and clear morning burst facial cleanser with beads, vitamin C (ascorbic acid) and ginseng (cost approximately 1500 Naira) with warm water; Ladies! Never use could water on your face no matter how hot the weather is. It gives wrinkles over time.
The next thing I do is Scrubbing, most people don't know this but it is very important. You need to remove dead skin and cells on your face so as to allow the new skin come forth; it also helps in improving blood circulation around the face giving you a very radiant skin.
Always look for a scrub that is not macro beaded (large beads or stones) like apricot scrub. These scrubs are body scrubs and can make your skin mature (age) faster. Micro beaded scrubs are the best for the face; Avon clear-skin scrub is an example.
Most scrubs are oily and this tends to clog the skin so I advise you wash the face again with a cleanser to remove the excess oil.
 The final and most important process of cleaning is Moisturizing; Moisturize! Moisturize!! Moisturize!!! Nothing should stop you from moisturizing your face. It helps lock in moisture on your skin giving it a supple feel and radiant look. A light weight moisturizer should be used so as not to clog your pores.
 There you have it. Your skin is clean in a healthy way, you can put on makeup over the clean face and viola! You have a radiant supple skin.

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