Friday, 27 September 2013

Exclusive Interview with HESEY

Hello friends', featuring on the blog today is one of Nigeria's finest designers when it comes to bags. She has so stepped-up her game in a very short while and I think she is a force to reckon with when it comes to designs. Welcome, with me the creative director of HESEY DESIGNS.
Details of an interview I had with her are below. I literally had to hold her by the throat before I got this one.

9jafrik: Can we meet you?
HESEY: I am Odiete Eseoghene. I am a fashion entrepreneur, a writer, and a public relation consultant.

9jafrik: How long have you been in the fashion business?
HESEY: Officially over a year now.

9jafrik: Why did you choose this line of business?
HESEY: I have always been in love with it since I can remember.

9jafrik: What are some of the challenges you have faced so far?
HESEY: Funds, getting the right materials for the job, and logistics.

9jafrik: Do you have a unique signature? If yes, what is it?
HESEY: Our cuts are exceptional and you can't help but notice. We also have several trademark patterns.

9jafrik: Where do you hope to be in the coming years?
HESEY: Hmm... I will want to surprise you all. A lot has happened within one year and Hesey designs have seriously expanded and have been featured on several print publications and also on TV. All these weren't planned. So like always, greater things will come our way and the brand will become better and more productive.

9jafrik: Do you teach?
HESEY: Yes, I do. It is my little way of empowering women and making them financially independent.

9jafrik: What advice do you have for upcoming designers in your line of business?
HESEY: Two words, BE STUBBORN! By that I mean push for what you want and never give up

9jafrik: Finally, what does it take to do what you do?
HESEY: Grace, the right people around you, passion and determination.

Contact Details
Creative Director, HESEY DESIGNS

Phone: 08169357756, 08094478956
Bbm: 29481cfa

...some of her jobs hope you love them.


  1. These bags have a personality! They really stand out!

  2. Oh I just love the patterns and colours! There's an orange one and a cream one that need to be in my closet!

  3. Lol, contact Hesey then. Glad you love them.

  4. Amazing talent. Thank you so much for introducing her to my world of awesome fashion designers.
    Following you.
    .xo, Milene from

  5. The bags are AMAZING! Are the available for purchase in the US?

    1. No. But I think there is provision for shipping to the US. You could check their website,

  6. lovely blog :)

  7. These purses are absolutely gorgeous! I love them all and I wish I could have at least one!


    1. Thanks Sasha, you must contact Hesey Designs then.

  8. Love all of the bags .....edgy and traditional at the same time!!

    xx, Joana