Friday, 6 September 2013

Exclusive Interview with Tolumi, TheFashionPeople(TFP)

Greetings pals. During the week I came across a very unique brand and personality, The Fashion People. Below are details of the interview she granted to me.

9jafrik: Can we meet you?
Tolumi: My name is Tolumi Abiola

9jafrik: Are you the CEO of The Fashion People, TFP?
Tolumi: I will rather not be called the CEO. I am the creative director and head fashion teacher.

9jafrik: When did you start TFP?
Tolumi: It started officially in 2001 but I have been making clothes since 1997.

9jafrik: Wow... What inspired you to become a designer?
Tolumi: It wasn't planned at all. I knew I wanted to make clothes, but didn't know I wanted to become a designer. Making clothes wasn't fancy when I started. Only drop-outs and the uneducated were learning to make clothes.
My parents were learned so it was awkward for them. I was also young, nobody wanted to teach me.

9jafrik: How did you learn, eventually?
Tolumi: I trained myself. I never really learned from anywhere.

9jafrik: How exactly did you learn then?
Tolumi: Trials and Errors, continuous practice over a long time, and internet research. I'd buy clothes; loosen them to check the cuts and sewing methods. I'd go to the market where tailoring materials are sold and ask what they are used for. I buy them and keep them until I find use for them.

9jafrik: What prompted you to start TFP?
Tolumi: TFP runs a fashion school and a fashion Label. It started when I realized I had a lot of demand, especially internationally. I wanted a brand that will eventually compete with major international brands.

9jafrik: Tell us about your education
Tolumi: I got a BSc in Nutrition and Dietetics from the University of Abeokuta. I also have an MSc in public health, human nutrition. I also have a professional certificate in fashion courses from the London College of Fashion. TFP is currently an agent for London College of Fashion.

Meet the TEAM that receives all the credit.
Location of Shoot: Golden Tulip Hotel, Ibadan.
Photographer: Dynamix Prime
Models: Josephine, Precious, and Dammy
Make-up: Jofiel Make-up
Shoot Director: Kobina Bolaji

Contact of TFP
Address: Shop 78 Adamasingba Shopping Complex, Sabo, Ibadan
Phone: 08033638343
Bbm: 327281fb

Over to the big deal, some jobs by The Fashion People. This Album is titled "material girl." Enjoy!


  1. tolumi...u'r really good.....i love d gown has a touch of green

  2. @ Amos & Toluyemi. Thanks, I am glad you love it.

  3. very nice