Thursday, 19 September 2013


During the course of my interviews I have met a lot of female designers but here today on the blog is the first male designer I have interviewed. A very talented young Nigerian man, welcome with me the CEO of HAUZ of BECA.
Below are the details of an interview I conducted with him.

9jafrik: Can we meet you?
HoB: Sure. I am Awokoya Kevin Bidemi from Ogun State. I am a student and a designer

9jafrik: What are you studying?
HoB: Transport and Logistics Management at the Redeemer's University.

9jafrik: Interesting. What area of designing are you into?
HoB: Fabrics and accessories. I make clothes, shoes, and bags.

9jafrik: How did you start, what prompted you to go into designing?
HoB: I started by designing for my family. I drafted designs for them when they wanted to sew a dress or outfit. Years later my elder sister told me to begin a business with my ideas. She told me people should pay me for sketched designs. I started with her guidance and I moved to designing and sewing for people.

9jafrik: How long have you been in the business?
HoB: 3years and counting

9jafrik: Do you intend to take fashion design as a profession, and why?
HoB: It is already my profession. I have the passion for what I do and in this period of unemployment, entrepreneurship is the saving grace.

9jafrik: What then is the essence of you university education?
HoB: To get a job. Two careers can be handled by one person. Even as a student, I make dresses for people.

9jafrik: How does it feel to be a male designer?
HoB: It is a normal thing. Designing isn't gender conscious. It is all about your creativity and how well you can express it.

9jafrik: What are the challenges you have faced so far?
HoB: Nothing much though. I missed lectures, and postponed dates for submission of assignments and project, etc. From clients, it's some disappointment here and there but you know that happens with every business.

9jafrik: Where do you hope to be in the coming years?
HoB: Where God wants me to be.

Contact Details
Location: Lagos/Abuja, Nigeria
Bbm: 28f72d52
Twitter: @hauz_of_beca

...some of his jobs, I am so loving this.

CEO Hauz of BECA

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