Thursday, 12 September 2013

It's all about Colours and Brushes

Big shots are small shots that kept shooting. The same goes for big dreams. They are people who persisted, those who held-on, and those who saw beauty in ashes. Before I start sounding like a poet, welcome with me a very talented Nigerian, CEO of ColoursnBrushes, Chinwe Owhorji.
I was opportune to interview her and the details of our discussion are below.

9jafrik: Can we meet you?
CnB: My name is Chinwe Owhorji, a graduate of the department of Linguistics and Communication Studies, University of Port Harcourt.

9jafrik:  Obviously you are a makeup artist. Are there other things you do?
CnB: No. It is makeup all-the-way for now, although I look forward to branching into wedding planning later on.

9jafrik: How long have you been in the business?
CnB: It's been a year and six months now.

9jafrik: What prompted you to go into makeup?
CnB:  I worked in an event/modelling agency as an office temporary worker after my secondary school. I got to see models being transformed by the simple application of lipstick and eye shadow in the right manner. That was when I developed some sort of interest in it as a lady. It wasn't until 3years ago I told myself I could turn my hobby into a business.

9jafrik: How about your university education?
CnB: That won't be neglected in the least bit. I want to build my business to a point where I can leave it capable hands and pursue other interests. I will be the one making major decisions.

9jafrik: Where do you draw your inspiration from?
CnB: First I am grateful to God for the talent and ideas He keeps blessing me with each day. Generally, I am inspired by every beautiful thing; a flower or a smile.

9jafrik: Where do you hope to be in the coming years?
CnB: I see coloursnbrushes become a household name when it comes to not just weddings but on red carpets and media outlets. I will also love to give back to the society by training people.

9jafrik: What are the challenges you face as a Makeup artist?
CnB: As a makeup artist, one is faced with many challenges from the amount of fake and substandard product that flood the market daily.

9jafrik: Do fake products affect the skin?
CnB: More than you know. If you have a bridal makeup trial on a lady whose wedding is in a week time and you use a fake product, let's say foundation. It will definitely react with her skin causing her to have huge breakouts, irritation, and all forms of blemishes. You have certainly done more harm than good and that's goodbye to 10 or more future clients. You also have to pacify her and pay for her skin treatment. It is really a makeup artist's worst nightmare.

9jafrik: What does it take to be a Makeup artist?
CnB: First, you need to have a level of creativity, an ability to express yourself in colours. You also need to have an abundance of patience.
You really have to be a people's person to survive in this industry because some people have very strong opinions on how they want to look even though as a professional you know it wouldn't work for them.

Contact Details
Location: Rivers State
Phone: 08138440869, 08182384597