Monday, 9 September 2013

Meet Tolu, CEO Tolu Makeovers

Featuring on the blog today is yet another unique personality, an empress in the art of Makeup, CEO of Tolu Makeovers.
Details of an interview with Tolu are below.

9jafrik: Can we meet you?
Tolu: My name is Tolulope Apara Uwhubetine

9jafrik: What do you do for a living?
Tolu: I am a makeup artist and also a sales executive for a South African fashion retail store.

9jafrik: Can you tell us about your education?
Tolu: I am a graduate of English language from Lagos State University.

9jafrik: Why then did you go into Makeup business?
Tolu: I love beauty, I love being creative, and I love making people happy. These three things can be found in the Makeup industry.

9jafrik: When did you become a Makeup artist?
Tolu: 2009

9jafrik: Today we have a lot of graduate going into fashion. What do you think is the cause?
Tolu: Well, everyone is realizing it is time to focus on their entrepreneurial skills, rather than wait for the labor market. The fashion world is a very lucrative industry.

9jafrik: Does education have a place in the Makeup industry?
Tolu: More of creative skills are needed but education helps to develop the mind. Hence, I'll say it is necessary.

9jafrik: Who needs a Makeup artist?
Tolu: A bride needs one, artists, actors/actresses, models and designers.

9jafrik: So Makeup is beyond rubbing of powder and Mary Kay?
Tolu: Yes. It depends on what it is used for. Makeup can enhance a person's natural beauty or disguise a persons' appearance.

9jafrik: What advice do you have for up-coming Makeup artists?
Tolu: It is an interesting business but requires a lot of patience. I'll advice anyone considering the career to be creative, determined and patient.

Contact Details
Location: Ilupeju, Lagos
Phone: 08023556039, 08037847242

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  1. Wow...she's really talented

  2. Hmm...... Well done Tolu.

    Really Great!