Monday, 16 September 2013

Skincare&Beauty with Be.You.Tiful 01

Hello friends, CEO of BYT have promised to give us skin care and beauty tips and I believe it is going to be a whole new learning experience. What is the essence of fashion with a wrinkled or patched-up face? That said, let's meet the experts. Don't expect much at this first time though.

BYT: One of the easiest parts of the body to take care of is "the skin". It baffles me how we go about it like it is a huge task. The skin if taken care of should radiate and glow. Thus revealing your beauty and of course the true you. I was asked by a client some time ago, "How do I make my looks beautiful?" My response was that can only happen if you have the perfect skin-tone and there's no way you can have the perfect skin-tone if you do not give your skin the needed attention.
Secondly, a nice hair plays an important role because it is believed that a woman's beauty lies in her hair. Your hair must always be neat.
Thirdly, a beautiful makeup is certainly a yes!!*winks*
The skin is the first line of defense against infections and at such should be given all the necessary attention. Next week I will dwell more on this topic. Have a blessed week ahead, thanks.

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