Sunday, 29 September 2013

Uprising Model: SYLVA NABHON

Hello friends I was privileged to meet one of Nigeria's upcoming model, the current Mr. Bayelsa during the course of the week. He is one of those six packs guy and I was drawn by the photo editing of his shoot sessions. Details of an interview with him are below.

9jafrik: Can we meet you sir?
Sylva: Sure, I am Sylva Nabhon, AKA The Gentle Jant. I am a professional model

9jafrik: How long have you been modelling?
Sylva: For about 4 years now.

9jafrik: Why did you choose modelling?
Sylva: I chose modelling in other to fulfill my dreams as a designer. I came into modelling to know more about fashion and designs. I also have the passion for what I do.

9jafrik: Which brands/agencies have you modeled for?
Sylva: I am working with the house of Twitch, UK. I am also the brand ambassador for Renner Angelle designs, and the present Mr. Bayelsa.

9jafrik: What are the challenges you have faced so far?
Sylva: The stress in traveling, having to keep fit, and scouting. When I started, I had to do free shows in order to make a name. Regular rehearsals, visits to studio to market pictures, and learning everyday are all challenging.

9jafrik: Who are your role models?
Sylva: In fashion, Ramsey Noah. In modelling, Kelvin Godson

9jafrik: Where do you draw inspiration from?
Sylva: I draw my inspiration from the experience of others. I have learnt that success is possible. In modelling, I draw inspirations from works of art. I believe all creativity is art and every art is fashion.

Other Details
Height: 6ft., 1"
Waist: 31
Chest: 40

...more pictures the concept.