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2neah by 9jafrikfashion: Staying Trendy

Hello pals, I will be introducing 2neah, a friend of mine who is a stylist and an aspiring fashion designer; she is already in the business. She will be handling styles, fashion tips and how to look. Hope you enjoy it, feel free to comment and ask questions too.

Staying Trendy
The amount of trends coming out every year could be a bit overwhelming. Variation in seasons, different designers, following every trend could mean shelling out a lot of money and sometimes looking like a fashion disaster. This article will teach you how to work with trend without breaking the bank and still looking like a fashionista.
  • Not all trends are right for you: This is the biggest mistake people make. They copy the exact clothing in trend which might not fit their body shape or size. When you go shopping, put your shape into consideration and try to find something fitted for you. For example, if stripes are the rage, go for vertical stripes to make you seem taller and slimmer if you are on the big side. If you’re on the small size, go for horizontal stripes to give you more shape. You also have to put how comfortable you will be into consideration, what’s the point of wearing lady gaga heels if you can barely walk or dance when you go out.

  • Have all the basics: from tank tops, round neck tops, a little black dress, a navy blazer, nude or black heels, a pair of flats shoes, a pencil skirt, a classic black bag, a dark pair of jeans, a white shirt and a statement jewelry are what every girl should have in her wardrobe, with all that, all you just need is to mix it with the latest trends.
  • Minimalism: never wear all the trends at once, mix and match with your basics, to create a new look e.g. a peplum top with a pencil skirt, black flats and a classic bag or a little black dress with statement jewelry and a color block bag.

 This trendy bag updates the look of the dress
  • Keep it real: never buy a piece of clothing just  because it’s the new trend, be true to yourself if it’s something you will actually look good in and try out different styles of that particular clothing and choose the one that is right for you. Ask yourself, “is it suitable for my everyday look?” If you work in an office, what are you doing buying lots of crop tops or high waist distressed jeans just to wear them once a week, if you are a student, what are you doing with 15 high heels. Work around your everyday look, don’t waste money on trends that won’t last you for long or you can’t wear every day.
 Why are you buying heelless shoes?

  • Accessorize: Accessories rarely go out of style and they are the cheapest and easiest way to bring in trends, so that statement jewelry that is in this year, you can still wear next year, or that color block bag will had a pop of color if you are wearing all black. When going for trends, invest in accessories, they are cheaper, and will make your basics look on trend.

  • Don’t copy exactly what you see: if crazy/distressed jeans are in trend, go for the simpler ones, so when it’s out, you can still wear yours and wear it with the latest trend top or matter how beautiful a clothing is, if the material is bad, don’t bother buying it, go for the same trend in a different fabric or texture instead. 
 This jean will definitely look tasteless after a while

 You can always wear a distressed jean like this.
  • Be creative: try to look different and unique, I remember when pencil jeans and skirt where in trend, I bought a cotton pencil skirt and a pencil chinos and I’m still wearing it till date, I was on trend and unique. If sequins tops are in trend, buy sequins flats or bag, you will be on trend, unique and still be able to wear it in the future, if multicolored chiffon tops are in, go for a neutral chiffon top and buy a multicolored chiffon scarf instead to tie round your bag straps or your neck.

Following trends can be a whole lot of stress and money, so create your own style, don’t go to crazy and do a little research on trend to see how it’s being worn elsewhere before jumping into it. Find what’s right for your body shape, be confident in what you wear, be unique and smile.

Post by: 2neah

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