Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Becoming a Model

Hello friends, following the fact that I have interviewed a couple of models, aspiring and those already in the industry I decided to prepare this article.
It is okay for everybody to have the dream of becoming a model but the truth is that not everybody will become a model. And even if you become a model, you may not make it to the top of the ladder before the end of your career.
Behind the glamor and supposed fame or income of models are hardworking people. You do not wake up one morning and decide to become a model, you must have a plan. You must be ready to research and learn if you don't have one.

I am going to take Africa as a case study and streamline it down to Nigeria because this is where I live (although it is the same in other parts of the world with slight variations).
First, your beauty doesn't really matter. How do I mean? There are a lot of beautiful/handsome people out there who want are aspiring or already models. How do you think you will beat them and enter the industry, let alone make it to spotlight?
There is the common saying that "man no man" and "use what you have to get what you want". As much as this is true, you must never compromise you good standards for fame and fortune. In most genuine agencies, these issues have been reduced and even don't exist. Keep searching until you find it.

I have been able to come up with a few points that I believe will help your in you quest for becoming a model.
  • Know what you want: As funny as it may sound a lot of aspiring models do not know what they want. All that matters is that they become models. They do not know the types of modelling; neither do they know if they are fit for that class. Modelling is beyond appearing in the spotlight, they are various types of modelling (runway modelling, plus-size models, super models, part models, fitness models, commercial print models, glamor models, amongst others) and it's high time you know where you fit in. 

  • Find the Right Agencies: Find!!! Like I said earlier there are a thousand and one beautiful/handsome aspiring models out there. It's never been heard of where an agency went in search of a particular individual because of his or her beauty. You want to become a model and you don't have a reasonable list of all the agencies in your vicinity, you haven't started. As much as I know, most agencies organize an audition. It is your duty to follow up on them, send them an email. As an advice, stay clear of agencies that ask you to pay some amount of money before you are allowed in. They are most likely not legit and they make it very obvious that they want to earn from you.
  • Pictures: Do not expect anyone to tell a modelling agency that there's this very pretty lady in town. You are expected to get your pictures out there. Most agencies have the provision for you to submit your details online with pictures (usually a head shot and a full body shot). I see no reason why an aspiring model doesn't have any picture or rather quality picture and is reluctant to go for a photo-shoot.
  • Have a great Attitude: Yes I know beauty may intoxicate sometimes but if you really what to stand out, you must have a great attitude. From your temperament, to your speech, to how you handle people, you must be receptive and optimistic. You know what the right attitude does? It makes your boss prefer you over the next person. What happens when the jobs and cash starts coming in?
  • Eat Right: This cannot be over emphasized. Your body is your greatest asset as a model, treat it right.
  • Have Alternative Plans: Modelling is not jack pot; it is not the whole world (although you have to treat it like the whole world to succeed). Let's assume it is a jackpot; you "hit it big". Truth is someday all of that will fizzle away. On the other hand, before you "hit it big" be sure to have something you are doing, be industrious. 

I will post more tips as I learn about them and as they come to mind. Till then, I hope this helps. I wish you success in your modelling career. 

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