Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Make up: Nikie's Beauty Place

Good day friends, on the feature series for today, we have Olajumoke, the CEO of Nikie's Beauty Place. A young, talented, and ambitious Makeup artist, I hope you find the interview interesting, details are below.

9jafrik: Can we meet you?
Nikie: My name is Gbuyiro Olajumoke, a graduate of University of Ado Ekiti and the CEO of Nikie's Beauty Place.

CEO Nikie's Beauty Place

9jafrik: Nikie's beauty place, what is it all about?
Nikie: Nikie's beauty Place is a makeup and beauty outfit. We specialize in bridal makeup, fashion and runaway makeups. We also make beads for different occasions. We also help plan events

9jafrik: How long have you been in the business?
Nikie: I trained 2 years ago, 2011 precisely but started practicing last year.

9jafrik: Why did you choose Makeup?
Nikie: Well, at first it was for the money, laughs. But when I entered the industry I discovered if you don't have passion you can't make money out of it. So I had to love it and the smile on every bride's face is a joy to me.

9jafrik: What are the steps involved in making-up?
Nikie: People believe makeup is all about rubbing powder on the face. Makeup has a lot of steps and procedure to make people stand out. Moisturize the face, apply concealer if needed, apply foundation, work on the brow and the eye makeup, the lip, and then apply blush and powder. I think that's the simplest method to apply makeup.

9jafrik: There are several Makeup Artists in Nigeria, does that scare you?
Nikie: Scared? No. I believe we still need more makeup artists. A lot of ladies still need to be enlightened about makeup, especially brides that believe they can make themselves up and end up looking horrible. At least each household should have a makeup artist.

9jafrik: What are challenges you face as a makeup artist?
Nikie: Getting to convince brides once they start planning their wedding. Family and friends will come up with different opinions.

9jafrik: Do you train people?
Nikie: Yes I do. My next training is on the first week of November.

Contact Details
Location: No 99, Okuta Elerinla Estate, Ilesa road Akure, Ondo State.
Phone: 07032270255

Thanks, I hope you enjoyed it....


  1. Beautiful and Awesome, I heard your always booked down weekends, please can you just find time for me Nov 16 please .. will call you for more info

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  6. Thumbs up to this trailblazer and enterprising young lady

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