Thursday, 3 October 2013

Makeup Artist, Phenomenal Looks

Hello friends', featuring on the blog today is a very fine young lady and makeup artist. I have seen a lot of makeup jobs and you know when it is excess. She is able to strike a balance between natural and artificial. I hope you see what I saw too. I interviewed her and our discussion went as thus.

9jafrik: Can you tell us about yourself?
Aina: My name is Miss Aina Oyinkansola, Creative director at Phenomenal Looks

9jafrik: Briefly tell us about Phenomenal Looks
Aina: Phenomenal Looks is a beauty organization initiated by God and existing because of my passion to define peoples (females) beauty. Our mission is to become a top brand in the makeup industry with quality and artistic makeup services and cosmetic brand solutions.

9jafrik: How long have you been in the industry?
Aina: Phenomenal Looks started in April, 2013 although I have been in cosmetic brand solution since my school days. I used to buy and sell products like Mac and Mary Kay to my course mates since 2009.

9jafrik: What did you study in school and why did you choose makeup?
Aina: I am an Industrial Chemistry graduate from the Olabisi Onabanjo University, Nigeria. I chose makeup because I wanted to know more about skincare, cosmetics, and brands. I believe every woman needs the right makeup to define her personality. I also enjoy answering people's questions relating to cosmetics. I feel fulfilled after I tell someone how to exfoliate properly or on how to maintain a good skin.

9jafrik: With a lot of competition in the market, how do you hope to stand out?
Aina: Creativity, patience, and an ability to take risks are the keywords. By being creative, I will do something different. That is a risk. I also have to be patient for people to discover my potentials.

9jafrik: Where do you draw your inspiration from?
Aina: From nature and from research.

9jafrik: What are the challenges so far?
Aina: Long-lasting products are expensive and one can never have enough makeup products. Another issue is convincing brides. They want good makeup but are reluctant to spend. We have to convince them that products are expensive and our service is cheap.

9jafrik: Finally, where are your plans for the future?
Aina: I hope to delve into photo-shoot makeup, runway makeup, and infuse my discipline into makeup. Also I intend to have my own makeup line which will attend to the cosmetic needs of women.

Contact Details
Phone: 08022516433
Pin: 278c6ccb and more pictures


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