Monday, 14 October 2013

Nikie Speaks: Makeup for older women

Hello friends, if you have been following our interviews on Makeup artists, you will remember Nikie's Beauty place
I am exactly not an expert in makeup, so I had to consult and expert to provide valid and necessary information.
So during the course of the week, I had a chat with Nikie (Olajumoke) and she wasn't particularly impressed with the way makeup is done on older women. She emphasized the fact that makeup is supposed to make you look younger and not older.
This is what she has to say about Makeup for older women.

Makeup for Older Women
Making up women of 40 years upward can be a little tricky, here are some tips:
  • Begin with a good skincare regime, the skin should be well moisturized.
  • The darkness under-eye often deepens with age. Highlight under the eye so it doesn't look tired 

  • Eye contour gives droopy eyelids a lift, although it should be well blended and natural colors like brown or dark brown may be used.
  • Eyeliner can also bring the eye out and making them look awake.
  • The eye pencil should be minimal, chiseled eyebrow doesn't work well, it makes them look older.
  • The makeup term "less is more" is so important for older-skinned women. The face should not be very caked or built up with foundation. Possibly mix moisturizer and foundation together to make the foundation lighter.
To any makeup application, blending is the key. Therefore blend well and blend again.

Credits: Nikie's Beauty Place
Location: No 99, Okuta Elerinla Estate, Ilesa road Akure, Ondo State.
Phone: 07032270255

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