Thursday, 7 November 2013

2neah by 9jafrikfashion: 5 Fashion Mistakes You Shouldn’t Make

Hello friends on today's episode of 2neah by 9jafrikfashion, we have Antonia discuss some fashion mistakes you shouldn't make. I hope you enjoy it.
  • Never wear brands names head-to-toe: monogrammed name brands are very stylish and unique but should only be introduced in subtle pieces. They should not be worn from head to toe, to avoid looking like a fashion mess. So wearing a Gucci shoe, Gucci bag, Gucci belt, Gucci jacket all at once is a no!!

  • Never pair a cropped top with too short shorts: pairing a crop top with short shorts looks incredibly inappropriate. When showing that much skin, it should be balanced out with well covered bottoms. The key is to go for crop tops that are not too short or loosely fitted ones, showing just little skin will make you classy. Also, always pair your cropped tops with high waist pants.

  • Never wear denim head-to-toe: when pairing denim like a denim jacket and denim trouser, make sure they are in different washes, like a navy blue denim jacket and black denim jeans, don’t wear all blue or all black. This rule applies to both guys and girls.
This is not the proper way to wear denim, go for more classy looks and combinations.

  • Leggings and tights are not pants: leggings and tights should never be worn as pants or trousers. When pairing them, they should be worn with long and loose fitted tops. Hence, wearing leggings and a crop top or a short round neck top and leggings is a big fashion no. Keep in mind that tights or panty hose are more or less underwear.
 This is just wrong

  • Bulky jewelry: jewelry should be used reasonably and are not supposed to distract your overall look. When accessorizing, if the outfit is really loud, then tone it down with simple earrings and a thin bracelet, if it’s a really boring and plain piece, you can pull out your statement necklaces. Remember, when wearing huge statement necklaces, go with simple studs or no earrings at all.
Her accessories are too much and look to busy. Keep it subtle.

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