Monday, 11 November 2013

2neah by 9jafrikfashion: Dressing for a Wedding

Hello friends, it's been ages, exactly two days since my last post (feels so long). I had a lot of constraints over the weekend, just couldn't write jack. 

I won't be wrong to say in Africa, there are countless numbers of occasions/marriages that go on during the weekend. A lot of us will want to stand out, but we make some mistakes during the process. Next time you are styling or choosing the right dress for a wedding, keep these tips in mind.

Dressing for a wedding
From Ankara to lace, to beautiful gowns, dressing for a wedding could be pretty hard. Here are simple tips to keep in mind.

  • Never wear white: wearing white same as the bride is albeit disrespectful and offensive, you are there to celebrate her day, not to steal the spotlight. Every color is yours to choose from, but white is reserved only for the bride.
  • Keep it simple: All attention should be on the bride on her wedding, not your flamboyant head tie. You want to make sure she’s the center of attention, don’t distract anyone with your jangling gold jewelries. If you are going in native, with a big head tie or colorful patterns, keep it simple with the jewelries, pearls, beads, and gold or diamond pieces.
  • Consider the location: if it’s indoors, your clothing should be a bit semi-formal, so no jeans for guys. Go for chinos or pantsuit and long-sleeved shirts or native attire. For girls, no jeans either nor sky-high heels.
  • Checks: Check the invitation for dress or color codes, if there are any, throw in the colors with accessories or bags or your head tie, don’t follow the dress code with your whole outfit else you might end up matching or blending with the table cloths and decorations.
  • If you don’t want to wear native, go for a dress either knee length, maxi or midi and a nice pair of heels and purse. You can also pair a skirt with a nice blouse. If you must wear trousers, go for suit pants and a floral blouse, no leggings allowed here.
  • Keep your hair up or tied up at the back, no loose or big hair. Keep the makeup simple and clean no exaggerated eyebrows, cat eye or bright eye shadow.
  • Determine the weather: if it’s sunny, bring along your sunglasses and don’t wear too much layers of clothing or a suit jacket to avoid drenching in sweat.
Remember, no plunging necklines, big bags, super short dresses or bold jewelries, the bride is the boss and all attention should be on her. Keep it simple and say cheese.

  No whites...

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