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Exclusive interview with DeeBims Exquisite Limited

Hello friends, featuring on the blog today is a very special and talented lady, Abimbola. She is a beaded jeweler and her jobs speak for her. She is driven by her passion for the job and takes pride adding value to people's life.
Join us as we explore the world of Abimbola.

CEO DeeBims Exquisite Ltd.

9jafrik: Can you tell us about yourself?
Bola: My name is Abimbola Adesanya (nee Benco). I am the CEO of DeeBims Exquisite Nig Ltd. I am a Chartered Accountant by profession but went into creating unique and exquisite handcrafted fine jewelry pieces out of a seer flair for creativity and style. I am also the Financial Secretary of Beaded Jewellery Designers Association of Nigeria. I have been in the business for more than 5years. I was trained by an Accountant turned Jeweler like me (Mrs. Bimbo Adebajo of BimboBeads). I get my inspiration from God through dreams, internet, books and things of nature around us.

9jafrik: DeeBims Exquisite Limited, what is it all about?
Bola: DeeBims Exquisite Limited (DBE) is a Handcrafted jewellery company that started as a business venture (Bims Beauty Craft) in 2009 and was fully incorporated as a Limited Company in August 2011 due to expansion and growth.
Our aim is to adorn women with unique handcrafted fine jewellery pieces to appeal to the Fashion Diva in them. DBE Academy also organizes training seminars, exhibition and empowerment programs. We have featured in several exhibitions and have equally been involved in some free training with the aim of igniting the entrepreneur (self-employment) spirit among the unemployed youths in the society and help in developing their innate skill inherent in them. Among these are: Lagos State Empowerment and Resource Network (LEARN) 2011/2013, establish by the 1st Lady of Lagos State Dame Abimbola Fashola, African Dream Wedding 2010, Terra Culture Craft fair 2011, BJDAN Bead fest, Galaxy Nigerian Television Fashion Show 2011, TopJoy concept Summer Empowerment programme 2011, Bimbo Africa Skill Acquisition Programme 2012, Terra Culture Summer Programme 2012, Free Bead Training For Agbowa Resettlement camp in Ikorodu town.
DBE facilitated and had the privilege to have trained hundreds of students in the art of bead-making, just to mention a few.
Our range of Handcrafted Jewelries is tailored to suit various clients and is quite affordable.

9jafrik: What do you think is the reason a lot of professionals are quitting, joining the fashion industry?
Bola: Fashion in any country is a trend and no matter the bad economy in a country people will still want to be current in fashion. Fashion is a profession fueled by creativity. When you are creative, there is tendency that you will want to pursue your passion. Every citizen; high, middle or low class wants to patronize fashion.

9jafrik: What challenges you face as a bead maker?
Bola: First all, I am not a bead maker. I don't make beads but I use beads to work and create exquisite jewelry to bring out the "African Beauty" in women. Hence, I am a bead jeweler.
My challenges... Due to the fact that this is a growing industry, we have too many upcoming bead jewelers who don't want to go for proper training but rather go into business just to make money without any aim to do good jobs or perfect finishing. For example, I went to the Lagos market one day and pretended to buy a beaded jewelry. I was so surprised at the ridiculous price I was given. This is due to the fact that most people prefer quantity to quality.
I also have customer challenges, that is customers who want good jobs but don't appreciate the value of the jewellery hence want to pay less.

9jafrik: Change is said to be a constant thing, how has the industry changed over the years and how have you been affected
Bola: The industry has changed tremendously in the sense that bead jewellery making is more than sitting down and stringing beads as the Yoruba call it "sin ileke". More creativity has been put into it, we find jewelers going into it with passion and more over an association named "Beaded Jewellery Designer Association of Nigeria" is formed where beaded jewelry designers come together to share ideas and common interest which has also developed me personally and my business
Moreover, it has brought me face-to-face to some important personalities like the first Lady of Lagos state Dame Abimbola Fashola through the Empowerment Training I did with Lagos Empowerment and Resource Network(LEARN).

9jafrik: Do you organize trainings and when?
Bola: Yes I do organize trainings. I trained students every month of the year. It's an open door thing where students come in to make enquiries and after agreeing on terms and conditions, start off with their training. I do empowerment training as well.

9jafrik: What should we be expecting from you in the coming years?
Bola: My vision is to take handcrafted jewelry to the next level through innovative thinking and creativity, to adorn women of all ages with beautiful/exquisite jewelries, and empower youths with our professional training programme hence bringing out their innate skill and making them useful to themselves and their country.

Contact Details
Registered Office: Shop 34 Abiodun Jagun Street (adjacent Holy Fire Overflow church) Ijaiye Ogba Lagos.
Phone: 08033241675, 08153045545
Bbm: 25D44488
Website: and more pictures

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