Friday, 1 November 2013

Makeup: Back to the Beginning

Happy new month friends, how are you all doing? A lot of times we rush into things and often times we rush out. Of course we live in a fast world with fast cars and fast everything. We often forget the basics, the simple definitions.
An example is a kid or anybody learning something new, possibly a musical instrument. We are excited to start but over time may get frustrated because we are not moving as fast as we expected or probably because your instructor makes you repeat that "seemingly" easy task over and over again. We often time want to jump to start doing the extra-ordinary.
It is the same with makeup. Join Oluchi Opara as she takes us through the process of makeup. Feel free to ask her questions.

Back to the Beginning
What is makeup: The term makeup refers to a set of cosmetics that is applied to the face to develop or transform someone's appearance. It can also be defined as the way or the manner in which something or someone is composed.
Makeup can be described in one word, CONFIDENCE.

Why Makeup?
Anti-aging: if makeup is used correctly it can help people look younger than their real age or even look older. Beware of how you wear it; just be careful when choosing the colors that will fit you.
N.B-Remember one makeup mistake may make you look awkward.

Cover-up: This is the major reason everybody wears makeup and it is some ladies favorite role. It helps to hide certain flaws that you don't want other people to see. For instance one biggest problem ladies have is their under eye and dark spots on their faces but all thanks to concealers and foundations, the problem is easily covered and hidden!

Transform: makeup helps to give you a nice and flawless look (transformation). You can achieve any look you choose, subtle and natural or pumped up and sexy.

The three reason above are why I define makeup as CONFIDENCE.
Makeup is also an art with endless possibilities. It changes and revolves every day. We have all been gifted with natural beauty but sometimes want to enhance our features and just have fun with it.

Who is a professional makeup artist?
A professional makeup artist is someone whose medium is based on the "human body" to create beauty or fantasy using cosmetic techniques.
They may be involved in preparing the skin for makeup, applying makeup, giving advice about makeup and maintaining makeup during photo/film shoots. They can also use makeup to produce special effects such as aging or injuries(bruises & scars) or for specialized characters in a movie, with the help of a makeup artist you can the appearance of characters such as creating Black-eye, Old age and Blood wounds.
Most makeup artist research and design the makeup required for a production or an occasion as in the case of bridal and engagement.    
In conclusion a makeup artist is a person who skillfully transforms the human canvas into desired character or appearance within an allotted time frame and creates a flawless appearance.

Qualities of a makeup artist
  • A makeup artist must be clean.
  • A makeup artist must have the ability to communicate well, at all times.
  • He/she must be passionate about the job.
  • A makeup artist must have a strong visual sense.
  • A makeup artist must be creative.
  • He/she must have confidence and tactics to suggest changes to benefit an individual's appearance.
  • A makeup artist must have stamina.
  • A makeup artist must have the ability to work under control.
  • A makeup artist must be methodical and pay attention to details.
  • He/she must be able to work as part of a team of diverse colleagues.
  • He/she must have thorough knowledge of makeup and hair techniques in order to prepare and work on makeup required for each individual.

Have fun as you enhance your beauty using makeup!!!!

Written by: Opara Faith Oluchi
Organization: FX Exclusive Hairs & makeovers     
Phone: 07063136661


  1. U r indeed a personality I won't regret meeting,I know u r made of more stuffs,show d world wat u r made of.luv u boo

  2. Since makeup is an art like painting, you need to have some inborn talent,
    and sense as well, otherwise training alone may not help.
    Professional make up artist can certainly help enhance your beauty while retaining your natural
    charm. While there's really no argument that Photoshop is the staple of the professional digital photo editing world,
    its $700 price tag puts it out of the running for a
    lot of users.

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    1. You are right. When it comes to photo-editing, Photoshop has the lead.
      In real life situations, you are left either with the skill and dexterity of your makeup artist of his flaws.
      That said, I believe although one requires the inborn talent to become a great makeup artist the fact that a novice without a prior knowledge can learn and master the art when diligent and focused.