Friday, 20 December 2013

Interview with CEO Hormaposh Makeovers

Yippee, I am so glad be back, been working behind the scenes for some time now. So on today's feature series, we present to you one of Africa's talented makeup artist, the executive director of Hormaposh Makeovers. Do enjoy our conversation with her.

9jafrik:  Can we please meet you?
Seyi: My name is Sajuwa Seyi Oma, a native of Ondo state. I am a Lagos based freelance makeup artist; I graduated from Adekunle Ajasin University, studying plant science and biotechnology. I have succeeded in acquiring several other professional certificates including cosmetology and makeup artistry. I am the creative director/beauty consultant at Hormaposh concept. I am a creative person; I love learning and acquiring new skills. I am interested in traveling, meeting people, and dancing. I speak English and Yoruba fluently.

9jafrik: What was growing up like?
Seyi: Hmm... Growing up? It was fun, at some point awful, I was not born with a silver spoon, but I overcame!

You are a plant scientist, how did you find makeup or how did makeup find you?
Seyi: Makeup was an interest that became a hobby and now a profession. I recall as a young girl I gave fashion styling and makeup advice to my mum and friends. I have a passion for makeup so it's excitement all the way with several criticism and appraisal. I had practiced to beautify and make people feel confident of their look even as a teenager before I became pro.

9jafrik: At what point did you decide to become a pro?
Seyi: When I graduated and found nothing to do.

9jafrik: How long have you been in the business?
Seyi:  I became a pro 3 years ago.

9jafrik: Becoming a pro, how has the journey been so far?
Seyi: It's been full of ups and downs, criticisms and appraisals. In one word, I will say "FUN".

Have you had any spectacular "flop" moment on the job and do you mind sharing?
Seyi: Yes. It wasn't during a job per-say. It was a competition I went for and because I was not properly informed, I didn't win. There was a look I needed dramatic lashes for, which I didn't go with. I didn't get the look right.

9jafrik: What are the challenges you've faced so far in the industry?
Seyi: Quality makeup is expensive and most clients would not want to pay for it. Some also dictate for you even when they know nothing about makeup; you just have to tolerate them no matter what.

9jafrik: What are a lady's must-have makeup tools?
Seyi: A simple makeup bag containing brush or wedges, powder, eye color, gloss pencil, lipstick, and a concealer if necessary.

9jafrik: Finally, what does it take to be a makeup artist?
Seyi: Passion, patience, tolerance, and hard work

9jafrik: Thanks for your time Seyi

Contact Details

Phone: 08066603797, 08077991656, 08129838887
Twitter: @hormallyd
Bbm: 330b59f7


  1. Yayyyy! That's my darling. Best makeup artist in my world.

  2. Wow ! Awesome job ! Luv d makeover

  3. This is nice..keep it up

  4. This is indeed a gud one from u dear, kip it up. Expect our ladies instead of moving from one man to another to learn makeover n make ends meet wt it. God bless u

  5. Nice job hormaposh

  6. Yeah ! I luv ur passion , every gal should learn a skill nd b independent . Nice one seyi

  7. This is awesome! I like your tenacity, marketing skills and creativity. Like I have alsways said, when you do what other successful people did, you'll achieve the same success they achieved.

    One advice! Never forget the place of mentorship. Well done!

  8. Thank you all 4 ur encouragement. God bless

  9. I am honoured dear friends and well wishers. Tank u all . Without u guys dere is no hormaposh ,pls don't hesistate 2 call for my services .