Friday, 20 December 2013

Meet Chizzy Chops

Hello friends, featuring on the blog today one of Africa's finest, striving in her own little way make the world a better place. We'll be exploring the world of Mrs. Uzor, a cake maker. I am a huge fan of good cakes and as a result, we are adding cakes to the list of things we do, show casing great cake makers.

Arguably as it may seem, fashion and food and events cannot be totally separated. In between comes the art of cake making.
That said, the first interview on this series, I hope you enjoy it.

9jafrik: Briefly tell us about yourself
Mrs. Uzor: My name is Chioma Uzor; I am married with two children. I studied physics electronics in Federal University of Technology, Minna. I love cooking and baking and I have always loved the kitchen from a tender age. I got distracted along the way. After I left school, I got a banking job, worked for 5 years and finally had the courage to leave and pursue my dreams.

9jafrik: How long have you been in the cake making business?
Mrs. Uzor: For 3 years now.

9jafrik: What were people’s reactions when you chose to leave banking for baking?
Mrs. Uzor: Family members were not surprised because they knew I had a flair for such things. Some people encouraged me, others were indifferent.

9jafrik: Where do you draw your inspiration from?
Mrs. Uzor: Seeing people enjoy my cakes, the expression on their faces when they see a cake, that inspires me. Also cakes by other well established bakers inspire me.

9jafrik: The journey so far, how has it been?
Mrs. Uzor: Hmm, tough, stressful, exciting. I am looking forward to many more years in the profession. Early years in a business are not the easiest. Had to go for trainings, made a lot of free cakes, pricing is also an issue. But our future is bright and we will get there.

9jafrik: Do you have a secret recipe?
Mrs. Uzor: Yes, my chocolate cake yes. I am still working on others though.

9jafrik: On an average, how long does it take to learn how to bake cakes?
Mrs. Uzor: It depends on exposure, the level of practice, as well as creativity. This varies from person to person. As a newbie, it will take about 2 to 3 months to learn.

9jafrik: How's cake making related to fashion?
Mrs. Uzor: Both fashion and baking are arts and they depend on the designer’s imagination, creativity and capabilities.

9jafrik: Who are your role models?
Mrs. Uzor: Buddy Valestro of Cake boss, Christopher Garren of Christopher Garren cakes, the cake girls, Mix and bake owner, Ikiolu Biobaku.

9jafrik: Where do you see yourself in the next 5years?
Mrs. Uzor: Sitting amongst top bakers in the country, baking cakes for governors, presidents and VIP's and running one of the best cake schools in the country.

Contact Details
Location: Lagos
Phone: 08023750029, 08176573132
Bbm: 295fb6ab

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