Monday, 23 December 2013

Dressing Tips

Welcome dear readers, it's my delight to bring you tips on how to dress. We do not know it all. Hence, we need to be constantly informed so we don't miss out of this-day's fashion.

Tips on how to dress:
  • Wear clothes that fits: Some of us don't wear fitted clothes and thereby won't look admirable in any attire we choose. If you want to get the attention of people, wear fitted clothes, not too tight, not too big....let it just fit your figures.

This picture was gotten from Japan fashion week. Pictured above is Ne-Net

  • Learn to match colors appropriately: While color blocking is invoked in the fashion world, we should learn how not to overdo things. Matching the right colors appropriately will lead people to dress like you and by so doing you are one step ahead of them.
  • Iron your clothes properly before use: We have electricity issues here but that's not the perfect excuse for you to wear clothes that are not ironed. Remember that you are addressed the way you are dressed. Common, there are many other ways you can iron your clothes without NEPA so do the right thing always.

  • Apply Cologne with mild fragrance: I'm sure you won't want people to sneeze and cough when you pass by them or when you're around, wear mild cologne (perfumes, body spray etc.).

  • Your fingers and hair should be well trimmed: Guys, no one wants a tattered looking guy with bushy hair for a boyfriend so make sure you trim your hair and fingers when you spot them growing. Ladies, no one wants a lady who doesn’t know how to take care of herself for a girlfriend. So, take care of your hair, if it’s fixing, do so, is its braiding, then do so but just don't look tattered.

What about your nails? Must I tell you? Make sure they are not dirty, fix your nails if you want to but always make sure that they are short and neat.

Last but not the least, I know some guys and ladies are known for this but please, do not, I repeat do not wear dirty clothes especially undies. They are not good for the skin.

I know some clothes are not supposed to be continually washed, but make sure such clothes are dried under the sun and washed after being worn for two or three times and the clothes I mean are clothes like Ankara, Lace, suit and some dark colored Jeans.

Readers are Leaders...

Cleanliness is next to Godliness

Fashion is a way of life...
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  1. This is great, I know a few people who need to read this!