Friday, 10 January 2014

Cookie Story

As the holiday season gradually comes to an end and we are grudgingly ushered into the school season, one thing at the back of every parents’ mind is how to pay their children's school fees. After all the frivolities and expenses of the Christmas season, this sad reality dawns on us. For every mother it’s time to start digging out school uniforms, socks and shoes, and making repairs if necessary. It’s also a time to start stocking up the pantry. Yours truly I have been doing some preparation of my own. As a baker, I take pride in ensuring that my kids take home-made snacks to school. But off course, when I am overwhelmed with work I resort to buying (wetin man go do!). Lately I have been doing some experimenting with my cookie recipe. After much tweak here and there I finally arrived at one that I really like. I actually stumbled over it by mistake. I received a pack of Quaker oats in a hamper over Christmas (am not really a fan of Quaker oats) and I thought to myself, instead of letting it go to waste or expire, I might as well put it into some good use. So I added it to my recipe and it came out nice. It gave the cookie a chewy texture more like biscuit. I also sprinkled some leftover chocolate I had in the freezer over it and it turned out lovely (I actually feel like the owner of Mcvities right now). Well I hope it works out same for you.

250gm. Butter
100gm Sugar (you can add more if you like)
350gm. Flour (you will need a little more for rolling the cookies)
1 tsp. flavouring (vanilla, butterscotch or any flavour you desire)
1 egg
100gm Quaker oats (any brand will do)
50gm chocolate (for sprinkling over the chocolate .this is optional and the cookies still taste fine without it.)
Cookie cutters (any shape or size will do)

•    Grease a sheet pan and set aside
•    Measure ingredients accurately.
•    Place the butter, sugar and flavour into a mixing bowl. Cream these ingredients. Do not cream like cake mixture, only a little amount of creaming is required, so the cookie will retain its shape and not spread too much.
•    Add the egg and blend in at low speed.
•    Sieve the flour, mix into mixture until just combined. Do not over mix.
•    Add the Quaker oats into the mixture, mix until just combined.
•    Roll out on a board about 1/8 inch (3cm) thick and cut out with your cookie cutter. Bake in a moderately hot oven till cookie browns on top, bring out of the oven and leave to cool. Serve or store in airtight jars to retain crunch and freshness. I took the liberty of sealing mine in small nylons ready for school or sale? Which do you think ...wink!

Packaged cookies ready for school or sale!

Cookie cutter

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