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Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Exclusive Interview with CEO Boash Cakes and Events

Hello! On the cake list today we have a really talented young lady. A baker, an entrepreneur, mother, a student; she makes awesome cakes. Her thirst for knowledge is simply unquenchable. I was opportune to interview her, I hope you enjoy it.

CEO, Boash Cakes and Events

9jafrik: Can we meet you?
Yetunde: I am Mrs Yetunde Adeyemi, owner of Boash Cakes and Events.

9jafrik: Tell us about Boash Cakes and Events?
Yetunde: Boash Cakes and events is a registered business in Nigeria. Boash Cakes is a custom cake studio that focuses on creating visually stunning wedding, birthday, anniversary cakes etc., each individually tailored to the client's wish with an emphasis on freshness and great taste you can't resist. Our expertise in cake decorating combined with our knowledge of the latest trends allows us to bring any style to the cake table.
Not leaving out our other delicacies for all your events ranging from our finger foods, cocktails, chops, fish kebab and chips, assun, executive ram barbecue, shawarma, pizza and lots more.
Our indoor and outdoor catering service is also not left out: whatever it is your guest desires, from continental dishes to our own African dishes, we will be right on point.
We offer catering services for corporate clients on TGIF and company get-together.  This includes: fish kebab, assun, chicken and chips, coleslaw, barbecue, jollof rice, fried rice, amongst others.

9jafrik: What was the inspiration behind Boash cakes?
Yetunde: The inspiration was and is my love and passion for cakes, my curiosity to know how cakes are made, and the beauty of it being decorated. I get hyper-excited and happy when I see a beautiful cake.
My other half and above all God has been my inspiration.

9jafrik: How long have Boash cakes been in existence?
Yetunde: We’ve been in existence since March 2011 but became registered in 2012.

9jafrik: What was growing up like?
Yetunde: I grew up like every other person. I am the first child of my mum (Chief and Mrs Olusile). I have 4 younger ones. I attended Kabma-F- international school Fola Agoro, proceeded to Fggc Owerri for my Jss1 but had to leave because of the distance. I did my Jss2 and Jss3 in Fggc Sagamu and eventually finished in Eva Adelaja Girls Secondary school as a science student.
While waiting for admission I learnt sewing and bead-making. I got admission into Unilag through diploma to study mathematics (it wasn't easy though). I also read computer science at University of Abuja.
After my university, I learnt catering and got married. I have two boys to the glory of God.

The first thing I learnt in catering was chin chin; in my Jss1, thanks to my guardian Mrs Iwuagwu in Fggc Owerri. I never came home during mid-term break, I spent my mid-terms with her and that was where I started.

9jafrik: At what point did you draw the line between pursuing a career using your university education and catering?
Yetunde: I always had it in my mind from my childhood days that I would be a business owner and not an office woman; though I learnt web designing before I got admission into Unilag and worked for a year with Maybach strategic & solutions and also at Hydrogold for 6 months.
Growing up and doing a 9-5 job was a total no for me. I love to be with my family so I guess that's the reason. Maybe when my kids are all grown up, I will go back to an office job.

9jafrik: A lot of us see cakes and bakers from afar. What does being a cake baker feel like? Can you take us through your life as a caterer?
Yetunde: Being a baker to me is really fun and adventurous; you just never stop learning.

9jafrik: You passed through several fields, what advice do you have for youths trying to locate and pursue their dreams?
Yetunde: All I will say is time waits for no one. No knowledge is lost. You don't have to stick to one thing. Be diverse and learn more. Am still good in web designing and I use my Corel draw and Photoshop well. Above all, have faith in yourself. Life is a teacher, the more we live the more we learn

9jafrik: Where do you see yourself in 5years time?
Yetunde: By the grace of God I see myself acquiring more knowledge in catering with Boash cakes and Events being known home and abroad. So help me God.

9jafrik: As you know, 9jafrikfashion is aimed at promoting Africans and African fashion. What is your take on African fashion? And can you tell us about your dress sense and style?
Yetunde: In my own opinion, fashion is being happy in whatever you put on. My dress sense is simple. I am a shirt freak and I love my long-sleeved shirt on a nice jean and a cute flat covered shoe. No other dressing of mine can beat it

9jafrik: Thank  you for your time.

For perfectly baked cakes for your events and top-notch cake-making training, contact Boash cakes.
Contact Details:
Phone: 08061385853, 08038506581
Bbm: 29767A76


  1. God bless ur work mama bosh

  2. God bless ur work mama bosh

    1. Thank you so much dearie,God bless you.

  3. Tolulope MsCaramel Ogunneye25 January 2014 at 11:33

    She made my wedding cakes, trad & nikkah. Lovely pieces I must say........... Thanks Yetty....... God bless u.

    1. Awww thank you darling. It was a great pleasure doing your cake. Thanks for choosing Boash cakes.God bless your home.

  4. Wow! Dis is lovely... The ist time I saw her cake designes, I couldn't resist getting her contact. I adire her creativity & can't wait to have a taste of d cake. Cheers to Boash cakes and events....More grace Ma. Ly'n

    1. Thank you so so much dear,you are very well appreciated.

  5. Wow am inspired.there is nothing a priceless as an educated skillfull woman

    1. Thank you so much ma,God bless you and all yours

  6. She does make very beautiful cakes with unique taste that makes you want to have more. Really lovely

    1. You are very well appreciated dearie. God bless you real big.

  7. Boash cakes are world class.

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  9. Am proud of u girlfriend....... continue to knock them off with beautiful and tasty cakes.

    1. Awwww sweerie me,God bless you real big. Very much appreciated. Ose gan ni.

  10. Her strength,consistency,passion inspires me a whole lot.She is Blessed and her cakes are must have for all ocassions.God Bless BOASH!!!

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