Tuesday, 14 January 2014

EXclusive Interview with the CEO of iposhlooks

On this week's interview session, we have one of Nigeria's finest, young, and creative makeup artist. A mechanical engineering graduate from the University of Ado Ekiti, Nigeria, she is a force to reckon with when it comes to makeup. Join us as we delve into the life of this hardworking lady.

CEO, iposhlooks

9jafrik: Can you briefly tell us about yourself?
Ifeoma: I am Ifeoma Adefemi, from Anambra state, born and bred in the south west (Ibadan), schooled primary, secondary and tertiary in the south west, and married with a son. I am also a makeup artist.

9jafrik: Can you tell us about your makeup organization?
Ifeoma: My makeup name is "iposhlooks" but the company (studio) is "The posh place" situated at 11 Osho street Opebi link, we offer quality makeup services as; makeup trainings (professional and personal), bridal makeover, gele tying, photo-shoots, etc.

I was studying mechanical engineering but I noticed makeup was more fun compared to "Laplace transformation" (Engineering mathematics).

9jafrik: How long have you been in business?
Ifeoma: Hmmm! I started in school; shaping brows for friends, doing their makeup for parties, birthdays, and events. Close friends started suggesting I collect money no matter how small. I got out of school 2010 and since then I haven't looked back, it’s been from one upgrade to the other.
It may appear very strange because I was studying mechanical engineering but I noticed makeup was more fun compared to "Laplace transformation" (Engineering mathematics).

9jafrik: What was growing up like?
Ifeoma: Hmm! I grew up in a boy's world; I am the only girl amongst 3 boys. I think I grew up fast because the responsibilities of being a first born did not allow me do the "sand" play for long. I rarely had teddy bears instead played with machine guns, sport cars, etc.

9jafrik: At what point did you notice you had flair for makeup?
Ifeoma: My mum used to say I was very ugly and that my brothers where finer, so the race of how to enhance my look began (don’t blame me). When she leaves the house her makeup bag was in trouble (at least she started it).
It all started from there. I kept practicing on myself and I would jump at any opportunity given to do any makeup on anybody.

9jafrik: What was mum’s reaction when she found out? Where you able to cover your tracks?
Ifeoma: She said "Ah and she's trying o!" Cutting it short she's now no1 fan of iposhlooks

9jafrik: The journey so far. What are the challenges you've faced in the makeup industry?
Ifeoma: The journey so far has been God because right now I live in Lagos because of marriage. I had to build clientele base here which wasn’t so easy, but I have had help from God and massive support from my hubby (Oluwaseyi Adefemi). Another challenge is underpricing by clients especially when you are using quality products, and also getting clients that are frequent YouTube viewers making demands that might not necessarily fit.

Powder, mascara, inner eyeliner, and lip gloss. With these items your facial features will be defined and enhanced.

9jafrik: Looking at the makeup industry; is there anything you will like to change?
Ifeoma: Hmm! I don’t know how realistic this sounds but I wish there is a body or association where your jobs are rated before you become a certified makeup artist to avoid seeing stuffs we see lately.

9jafrik: What's your take on a lady's must-have makeup tools?
Ifeoma: Powder, mascara, inner eyeliner, and lip gloss. With these items your facial features will be defined and enhanced.

9jafrik: As a professional, can you give us some do(s) and don't(s) in other to enhance your natural beauty?
Ifeoma: Never wear makeups over the night, drink water regularly, take lots of fruits, then lastly smile, smile and smile (that can't be overemphasized)

9jafrik: Do you organize makeup training sessions?
Ifeoma: Yes we organize makeup training sessions; for individuals that want a personal trainings, makeup artists looking to upgrade and for individuals who want to become makeup artists.

9jafrik: Where do you see yourself in the coming years?
Ifeoma: I see myself in God's hand as usual, he promised he'll take me places and that iposhlooks will be a household name, so I'll just watch and see how he intends to achieve it.

9jafrik: That will be all, thank you for your time.

Contact Details
Address: No 11 Osho street Opebi link, Lagos State.
Phone: 08032395059, 08126012909
Email: iposhlooks@gmail.com


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