Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Exclusive interview with Hair Benders

Featuring on the blog today is one of Nigeria's finest. He is young, talented, and creative man and CEO to one of Africa's fast rising brand, Hair Benders. Join us as we explore the world of Olawale of Hair Benders.

9jafrik: Can we meet you sir?
Wale: I am Olawale Durojaiye, born and raised in Ibadan, Oyo state. I went to Richmab Nursery and Primary School, Ibadan then Mayflower School Ikenne for my secondary school and I studied Politics and International Relations at Lead City University Ibadan. I am the last child of parents and the last of 3 boys from my mom.

9jafrik: Hairbenders, what is it all about?
Wale: Hairbenders is an innovative professional Salon and Makeup studio that caters for everyone's hair and beauty needs in a decent and cozy environment with professional and passionate stylists and makeup artistes.

9jafrik: Are you the CEO of hairbenders?
Wale: God is, but I’m the MD

9jafrik: What was the inspiration behind Hairbenders?
Wale: Well, it was inspired by the need to create something. I had been selling human hairs prior to setting up Hairbenders and there was always the question of “do you make hair too?” So I realized I could just up my game and add hair making to selling or weaves and since I had trained as a makeup artist, I just put everything together and brought the dream to life.

9jafrik: How long has Hairbenders been operational?
Wale: I have been using Hairbenders since 2011 when I was selling weaves, but opened the Salon on March 1st 2013.

9jafrik: How did you learn the art makeup?
Wale: First training was at House of Tara, second was in Ghana and third is self-education.

9jafrik: You studied politics and international relations, why the shift in professions?
Wale: Well, I actually thought I was going to further my studies and go for Masters but how I ended up settling with Hairbenders is beyond my knowledge. I've always loved business, I’ve tried my hands at several businesses in the past, not because I had it in mind I would end up as a business man but because I found joy in maximizing profits. I started selling weaves when I went to Dubai on holiday, it wasn't planned, just a coincidence.

9jafrik: What's your idea of a perfect makeover?
Wale: Well, a perfect makeover is quite different from a perfect makeup but perfection in both means flawless application, the presence of a wow factor. The difference is that makeup is for the face while makeover is general, which could include nails, hair, facials, and even clothes.

9jafrik: Who needs a makeup artist?
Wale: If the question was who needs Makeup I would say every woman does, but since it is a makeup Artist then I would say any woman who can't get a flawless makeup done for her or tie proper Gele on her head needs a makeup artist. Then there are other areas a Makeup Artist could help, like in recommending the right products to you, advising you on what to use and not to use on your face, helping you with your makeup challenges and taking care of your makeup on your day, may be wedding or birthday, you deserve to pamper yourself once in a while. At Hairbenders we do more than just makeup, we do a total makeover for brides and celebrants.

9jafrik: As a professional, what do you think are ladies must have makeup products?
Wale: Powder, mascara and lip gloss. These 3 Products when used properly can give the face a good lift without looking too made up. It's just a natural combination that gives you the confidence and charm every woman needs.

9jafrik: What are some of the challenges you've encountered so far?
Wale: Apart from the initial problem I had with my staff, no other problem gave me sleepless nights. You know managing someone is quite hard not to talk of four to five people who have come from different backgrounds. I had to make them see the vision and carry them along but some of them couldn't fit into the picture so had to take them out and change hands. Like I said that was then, we are over it now and I have not been worried about any of them in a very long time.

9jafrik: There are several makeup artists out there. Do you ever get scared of what the future holds?
Wale: No. Instead I envision a day when I will wish I could divide myself into ten to handle jobs on my hand. My future in my present, I know where I am now and I know if I give my best now then tomorrow would be a continuation of the good I’m doing now. I am so passionate about my work that I can't see myself dwindling, I learn every day and I practice what I learn a lot, what else do I need to succeed if not to learn, practice and pray.

9jafrik: Do you ever plan on making use of your university cert.?
Wale: I pray not, because that would have been a failure on my part/path. Why would I go and start looking for job when I’m happy creating jobs?

9jafrik: What advice do you have for upcoming youths?
Wale: They should find something they love doing and every other thing would be taken care of. It's no more about Lawyers, Doctors, Engineers etc., it's now about creativity, and the highest paying jobs now are those created by great minds. Just look at Mark Zuckerberg and you'll find all the answers therein.

9jafrik: Thanks for your time sir.

Contact Details
Address: 1st Floor Stargate Building, Adeoyo Round About, Ibadan, Oyo state.
Phone: 07062309977
Bbm: 2B18F5D7


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  2. Proud of you aburo

    1. Thanks for reading. He's making Nigeria and the Nigerian youths proud.