Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Wrapped in Style: DASHIKI

Today I will be considering a killer fashion piece. Killer piece because it is so colorful (who doesn't love colors when they are rightly blended?). I won't bug you with too much of history, just general information. *winks*
If you are one of those that take pleasure in stealing the show and making a statement, the Dashiki is a piece I recommend for you. It is loosely fitted, comfortable, colorful, and unique.

Dashiki was originally a traditional African men outfit. Today, it can be worn by both men and women. Dashiki is characterized a colorful V-shaped embroidered collar and sleeves.
Because of its colors and statement, Dashiki is no longer just associated with West Africans. Rather, it has been adopted by people of all lands, blacks and whites alike. They also come in different fabrics; Kente, Brocade, Mud cloth, name it.

I promised not to bore you with history. Final words are: if you don't have this piece of clothing, go and get it!

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