Thursday, 1 September 2016

Exclusive Interview with CEO Ngodoo Makeovers #makeup #beauty #ngodoomakeovers

Hello Lovelies , how have you been?
On today's feature series, we present to you one of Africa's talented makeup artist, the CEO of Ngodoo Makeovers. Do enjoy our conversation with her.

Photo: Cassandra Iornumbe , CEO Ngodoo Makeovers

9jafrikfashion: Tell us about yourself
Cassandra : "My name is Cassandra Iornumbe, am from katsina ala local government, Benue state, Nigeria.
I am a 300 level student of  University of Mkar ,Mass Communication Department.

9jafrikfashion: Tell us about Ngodoo makeovers
Cassandra: Ngodoo makeovers is the name of my makeup business.
Ngodoo Makeovers is something made with passion.
The name Ngodoo is actually my native name. The meaning is "mother is good" and my mother is the reason I am alive today so I decided to name my business after her.

9jafrikfashion: How long have you been into makeup?
Cassandra : I have been into makeup since October, 2015, its been 10 months precisely.


9jafrikfashion: How do you combine school and the job of a makeup artist?
Cassandra : Hmmm it's challenging. Sometimes I have to take a job at the expense of my studies.
All the same its worth it. Its not easy. But once the passion is there u can do anything

9jafrikfashion: What are the biggest challenges you face as a makeup artist?
Cassandra: Every job has its challenges, mine is not an exception.
Getting capital to start this business was difficult as I had no one to sponsor me. I had to go hungry in order to build up a kit. Some times when u charge people a lot for your services they think u just want to exploit them not knowing that these cosmetics are expensive.  And it really takes being creative to be able to make a face which involves Choosing suitable colors for different skin types.

9jafrikfashion: How would you prepare dry and oily skin for foundation makeup application?
For the dry skin I make use of my baby Vaseline as moisturizer to make the skin smooth .
As for the oily skin i make use of face wipes. A bit of an oil control white powder before applying the foundation. This will help control the oil.

9jafrikfashion: tell us about your experience as a makeup artist.
 Cassandra: Its been a wonderful experience , although sometimes people underrate my ability to handle their faces but one thing I thank God for is that at the end i am able to leave a good impression.

9jafrikfashion: How do you determine a client's undertone before you decide what makeup technique to choose?
Cassandra: I just look at you and I know that this particular look will be good on you.
I imagine it. It comes naturally.

9jafrikfashion: How did you discover your love for makeup?
I always look at makeup artist and their works. I really felt a sharp reminder telling me to do makeup. Makeup has always been a part of me right from when I was 12. I'll take my mother's cosmetics and use them.  I began to watch tutorials on YouTube and that's how it turned out.

9jafrikfashion: where do you draw your inspiration from?
Cassandra: From the makeup artist Uwani Aliyu, She inspires me. Learning from her videos is so wonderful

9jafrikfashion: What are your plans for the future?
Cassandra: To own a cosmetics line. I will train people in makeup. I will have a makeup school.

9jafrikfashion: Thanks for your time Cassandra!

Contact details:

Facebook: Ngodoo makeovers/ Casandra Cassie Ngodoo

Instagram: ngodoo_makeovers_ceo

WhatsApp: 08146302060

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Monday, 11 July 2016 Celebrates Its 4th Anniversary: Hosts Four Day Sale on Website #kongais4 #konga

Nigeria’s Largest Online Mall has announced the celebration of its fourth year of leading trade and commerce innovation in Africa as it clocks four.

The ecommerce giant was founded in 2012 and started purely as an online retailer selling just baby and beauty products. Its growth was rapid as it rose 11X in its first year of operations and 4.5X in the second year. In 2014, Konga opened its Seller HQ - Konga’s Marketplace Platform, which allows business owners to display and sell their items on Seller HQ’s growth has been rapid with "marketplace" derived orders now accounting for over 70% of sales. Over 30,000 sellers are registered and trading on the site today.

True to its vision to utilize internet and mobile technologies to create a pan African platform that enables trade and commerce for millions of sellers and buyers, Konga led several innovations like the Konga Mobile App, Seller HQ platform, online payment solution KongaPay App which allows for payment online and offline anytime with its unique me-commerce feature and the recently launched Konga EZ Web Progressive App.

In recognition of its outstanding performance through the years, Konga has received several

Tuesday, 5 July 2016

PHOTOS: Africa Fashion Week Nigeria 2016

Africa Fashion week Nigeria is a social enterprise that provides a platform to help promote Nigerian and brands through worldwide visibility. The Africa Fashion Week Nigeria  2016 concluded yesterday and almost 50 designers showcased their pieces for fashion lovers from all over Africa. 
Here are some photos from the event (more coming soon).

models for TUBO

Models for Vivian Bennet

Fashion models in Ankara for Silvesbest Integrated Resources 

Yemi Alade makes her debut as a clothing fashion designer at the grand finale of the Africa Fashion Week Nigeria 2016, showcasing the first ever collection from her fashion label House of Tangerine (H.O.T). see her creations below:

Models present a creation during the Africa Fashion Week Nigeria 2016 in Lagos, Nigeria, on July 2, 2016

Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Nollywood ActressUfuoma McDermott has issued statement about false sexual harassment publication by National Mirror

The actress, through her PR consultants have come out to deny ever granting National Mirror any interview and insist the publication is false. Read their statement below:

We act as Public Relations Consultants to Ufuoma McDermott, a Nollywood Actor, hereinafter referred to as our Client. Our attention has been drawn to a newspaper publication of an interview supposedly granted by our Client and published in the National Mirror Newspaper and Website on Saturday June 11, 2016 titled “Ladies Contribute to Sexual Harassment”.

In the alleged interview our client was attributed with the following comments on sexual harassment: 
“Nigerian ladies have a lot to contribute to sexual harassment in this part of the country. If we will carry ourselves honourably and put a price on ourselves, we won’t be harassed; these men aren’t crazy, they will seek your consent before embarking on anything. Even rape cases can be avoided if one is careful and vigilant enough. Again, this affects every sector and not just the entertainment industry alone. Mothers especially, should train their children how to dress well, talk responsibly in the public, behave decently and other etiquettes of life, charity, they say begin at home…”

As a result of these said comments, our Client has been inundated with phone calls from all over the globe from Fans, Mentees, Friends, Relatives, Well Wishers, Business Partners and Colleagues in the industry on the above comments.
The General Public is hereby notified that our Client, Ufuoma McDermott did not at any time grant an interview to the National Mirror Newspaper on the above subject. Further, our Client has not met and therefore could not possibly have granted an interview to the National Mirror Reporter, Yemisi Adeniran, on the subject. We would like to state for the record that the above views credited to our Client are false, malicious and aimed at ridiculing and diminishing the personality and reputation of our Client, Ufuoma McDermott.

The National Mirror and its Reporter, Yemisi Adeniran, are by this Notice demanded to issue a public apology and retraction to our Client within the next 7 days from today. Failure to meet the above demand will result in legal action against the National Mirror Newspapers to redress this libelous, malicious and unprofessional publication. Ufuoma McDermott does not and will not condone sexual harassment or violence and remains totally committed to promoting morals, values and advocating for the rights of women and the girl child.

Theodore Nyingifa,

PR Consultant
Without A BOX.

Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Lagos Joins In World Moet Party Day: Are You On The List?

Lagos joins in World Moet Party Day

In anticipation for the biggest worldwide party ever, luxury champagne brand Moët & Chandon has unveiled its exclusive guest list for the Moët Party Day in Lagos.

The guest list is made up of the biggest names in diverse industries, socialites, celebrities, loyal clients and consumers of the brand.

‘Moët Party Day’ will kick off in Nigeria for the first time, on Saturday, June 11th, 2016, hosting over 1000 guests to a series of parties in one day.

There will be a Moët Ice Imperial All-White Brunch party which will take place at Hard Rock Café Lagos from 12noon to 5pm. This party will be followed by a private dinner for 20 exclusive guests with Moët Vintage Champagnes. The day will round off with a Moët Nectar Night at Escape Nightclub, Lagos from 11pm to dawn.

The ‘Moët Party Day’ presents an opportunity to celebrate and enjoy the exclusive range of Moet & Chandon champagnes around the world. On that day, Moët & Chandon will be at the heart of every celebration!

Currently, invites are being sent out. To RSVP, guests are required to upload their invites on social media using the hashtag #moetdaylagos

Are YOU on the guestlist?

For more information, please visit Moët & Chandon Nigeria social media pages:
Facebook: Moët & Chandon Nigeria

Instagram: @moetnigeria