Saturday, 16 April 2016

Adblabla Launch: Get 1000+ Websites Talking About Your Business From Day One!

Since inception in December 2015 has grown into Nigeria’s first and biggest Free Online Advertising Network boasting over 1500 sites and delivering over 500,000 impressions of free ads everyday.

Historically, we have allowed website owners to advertise whatever they choose on our network for free.
Today we are going beyond website Owners!

we are proud to introduce our latest service Adblabla Launch.
Imagine needing to promote your products, services and events and rather than putting your sponsored posts on 1 or 2 sites you are able to put it on up to a thousand sites at the same time.

Adblabla Launch is a service that allows you to place sponsored posts simultaneously across our large network of sites at a heavily discounted rate. Besides placing the sponsored posts, our very flexible setup options allows you to structure your marketing campaign according to specific markets, number of sites and price levels.

The first of its kind in Nigeria, this service is set to change the way in which we consider online digital advertising opportunities in Nigeria.

In addition to the expanded reach you will enjoy because of the huge web presence you start off with, some other benefits you enjoy by using Adblabla Launch includes

• Significant visibility on Google. This is almost guaranteed because of the huge number of sites that will talk about your project from day one!
• You enjoy a viral effect. Social media algorithms are designed to prioritize contents which are replicated several times. This means your brand will have a higher chance of appearing on as many news feeds as possible.
• Possibility to trend on twitter. Depending on what is trending for the day, yours may trend as well
• Cost. Our pricing is highly flexible. The more sites you choose, the cheaper it becomes. You could pay
• Higher probability of success. Statistically, your chance of finding new customers is higher when you are all over the internet versus just on one site or two sites

In addition to enjoying the aforementioned benefits, by using Adblabla launch to get ahead of the game, you also get two weeks of Free Banner Advertisement on the entire Adblabla Network

So Who is Adblabla Launch For ?

The service is for anyone who may or may not have a website. It is for everyone any business who has something to sell. Some of things you can promote using Adblabla includes

• Products or Service Promotions
• Musical Video Promotions
• Press Release Publications
• Get Product reviews from blogs
• Get Blogs to run a product promo
• Invite people to an event
• Public Announcements

What’s Next

Go to to check out more details and to start your campaigns now

Friday, 8 April 2016

Miss Health Nigeria Beauty Pagent 2016

MISS HEALTH BEAUTY PAGEANT NIGERIA is Nigeria’s Most focused and defined pageant, a pageant set to create disease awareness for Nigerians and proffer means of prevention and how to manage it.

A Pageant where being at the forefront of creating awareness is our major priority.

Why You Should join the race?
•Open to individuals,modelling Agencies and must between the ages of 18 – 27.
•A pageant show that helps in revealing different ailment through Power-point presentation by all contestants.
•Showcasing the intellect of the girl-child in our society via entertainment.
•A platform aimed @helping the Nigerian health sector by administering drugs to fellow citizens @the hinterland with no health facilities.
•the only pageant with different perception in the pageant sector.
•Figuring raw talents in the girl-child, celebrating Nigeria’s beauty & knowledge in health as widely shown in the world!

Click here to watch the Video:


The Competition is designed to be one of the country's leading empowerment programs for the girl child through the following endeavors.

To improve information dissemination on health issues through the use of all available media among youth and other community members.

Honor traditional Nigerian traits such as honesty, good character, talent, poise, intellect, leadership and good judgment among young Nigerians;

To increase public awareness and health education campaign on health issues, including prevention and control in schools and communities through formation of school health clubs and community-based organization lead by the winner of Miss Health.

Enable contestants to serve as role models for other young women with similar goals and characteristics; and

Encourage contestants to value personal achievements, creative accomplishments, a healthy lifestyle, and community involvement.

To organize and package a world-class event of international standard to promote the Cultural Heritage and Tourism Value of Nigeria.

To decrease the level of teenage pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections among adolescents and youths.

To scale up Family Life and Health Education (FLHE) in Nigeria.

Who wears the royal crown of Miss health beauty pageant 2016 and stand the chance of winning the following

----- Official car
----- One Year accommodation
----- National health Ambassador
----- One Year beauty services
----- International Trips

Each contestant will be given a particular disease to talk and elaborate on.

Register For Miss Health Beauty Pageant!!! Call 07059999003 or 08066348231 for more details
bbpin 565eef29
Instagram & Twitter @misshealth1 
Audition starts from April to May 2016.